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Questions to Ask a Home Inspector

Many home purchasers are often not sure what to ask during a home inspection. The number one question you should always ask is "May I see your home inspection license"? Don't be hesitant to ask. You are paying for an important service and have a right to see his/her license. If the license isn't produced, stop the inspection, and find a different inspector.

It's important that go with a home inspector that is working for you! Always ask if he/she is working for your real estate agent. If they should happen to answer yes to your question, then stop the inspection and find a different company. You are hiring the inspector, not your real estate agent.

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Peter Tsirnikas, 42116 E Lakeview Dr, Altoona Fl 32702

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Home Inspector Details

Ask what the home inspectors training and education is. A good inspector should have experience and be able to tell you the continuing education classes he/she has attended. Continuing education is required in Florida, every two years for license renewal.

Don't be afraid to ask questions during the inspection. Home inspectors expect that you will have questions and should have no issue answering them for you. Remember, you are the one who hired him/her.

Ask the home inspector about any of your concerns except whether you should buy the home, about the price or who must fix what. They can answer quite a few questions, however those questions are not in the field of expertise of most home inspectors.

Feel free to ask about drainage, leaks, how to prolong the life of a roof, and if there are any issues with the roofing or siding. You may be able to get some very useful tips. Also, the inspector can tell you how many amps the service is, the service voltage, if there is room to expand within the electric panel, if amateurs have caused any problems with the wiring and whether the wiring appears to be safe. If the home is older ask if aluminum wiring or knob and tube wiring exists, both can be fire hazards.

When he/she is inspecting the plumbing system ask if the sewer clean out cap is newer. If it is, there may have been issues with the sewer pipe and may need replacement. Ask how old the plumbing supply, waste and vent pipes are. If the pipes are old, replacement may be necessary sooner than you would like.

Air conditioning systems must be inspected, and you are entitled to be told how the A/C system works. Ask about the different parts of the equipment. Home inspectors are happy to talk to you about what they know. If the inspector should happen to not know the answers, then you should be concerned.

Often home buyers may have questions about the structure of the home. You must keep in mind that home inspectors can't see into or through walls. Home inspectors can see what they can see and make some educated guesses. It's very possible that they will miss hidden damage done from insects, rot, water, and construction defects, unless obvious symptoms exist.

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